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#TBT The Seiko Ashtray Series - Fantastic 80's Titanium DiversTitanium. We're spoiled from the abundance from the stiff, strong, and lightweight metal today and tend to spend little regard to how difficult a material it is to process and shape. For replica watches, many now simply see it as an additional traditional offering around the palette of watch materials, however wasn't always true. No, while i was becoming an adult inside the 80's, titanium was darn near like talking about uranium or something like that ultra exotic and it often invoked thoughts on the Cold War, Russian-built submarines or my all-time favorite plane: the SR-71. But we're here to chat replica watches which is the reason we'll turn our awareness of a household of divers that integrated the then-innovative material in their bezels and, ultimately, through the entire replica watches.   Let's take a peek at, what exactly are in my view, a number of one of our favorite brand's best designs inside the Seiko Ashtray series.Through the mid-80's, Seiko was no stranger to titanium. In the end, the emblem have been utilizing the aerospace-grade metal for upwards of a decade: recall their first using the metal with the "Grandfather Tuna" 6159 that we've covered several times here on Fratello Watches. Nevertheless they, and other "affordable" brands such as Citizen and Timex, seemed bound and going to produce increasingly more replica watches with titanium.Alongside the big 1000m 7C46 "Golden Tuna" that was introduced in 1986 as a substitute to the 600m 7549 (introduced in 1978) we documented, the Seiko Ashtray 7C46-6009 debuted that year like a mid-level professional diver's watch. Initially offered in stainless which has a titanium bezel, a full titanium -6010 version joined the fray a few years later. However, unlike the 300m and 1000m Professionals with their beloved shrouds rolex clock , the Ashtray gave off an exceptionally different look indeed.The Seiko Ashtray gets its name from, delight here, its bezel that some feel imitates the appearance of opertation table ashtray (remember those?!? gold audemars piguet ). Somewhat bulbous and round with notches for gripping, it's pretty obvious to see the nickname.Some voice it out looks nearly the same as the Porsche Design/IWC Ocean 2000 from the similar timeframe and that i don't disagree, but for me it offers mind something altogether different. A final car i always owned in the us was obviously a 2010 VW GTI although I left it bone stock mechanically, I have done change a very important factor cosmetically. Notably, I substituted the manual shift boot for the VW parts catalog "golf ball" evocative on the shifter on the original GTI. Tactile and lovely to behold, the Ashtray somehow seems similar to me. Yes, it really is a far-ranging comparison, however it is not easy to rid my thoughts in the connection.The Seiko Ashtray, despite having a tad bit more stylistic flair than its overly functional Tuna counterparts, really was no slouch inside the specs department either. It clocks along with a purpose-built saturation diving capable water proof of 600m. In addition, its full of precisely the same design of a load-bearing, screw down mineral crystal (slightly domed making pictures "fun") because the tunas and also the same L-shaped rubber gaskets first designed by Seiko from the 70's. Naturally, the crown screws in along with the funky bezel is unidirectional.The one thing that keeps the Ashtray from as a true Tuna, should you register for our own Gerard's school of Tunas that is, is always that it features a screw back case.  However ,, this information on 60 Clicks begs to differ.  Controversy!Besides the highly noticeable bezel design, I think about the Seiko Ashtray, either in guise, a critical looker. The replica watches look bombproof, but specified in this manner i always think is proper perfectly well if introduced today. The steel 6009 variant has a similar dial to the all-titanium 6010, but it is decidedly flashier which has a advanced level of contrasting yellow against a matte black dial. Plus, the 6009 states its quartz movement loudly and proudly with the quartz word below Seiko plus the very 80's "SQ" logo: a thing that perhaps couldn't survive seen if the watch were available now.The all titanium variant, on the other hand, is focused on business and keeps things very simple in non colored documents. Incidentally, hands on these pieces are unique versus other Seiko divers.   Then of course you'll realize that the dials softly sink down further within their centers, a cue that we have seen on other Seiko divers like the Spring Drive Tuna.Now, if you have ever contemplated a Tuna and have resisted getting one from the higher depth-rated models because of its bulk (that bulk is usually vertical, in addition) , I've some extremely pleasant news available for you. The Seiko Ashtray is downright svelte on the other hand and wears wonderfully about the wrist. At 45mm in diameter (44mm lug to lug because the bezel overhangs) with 22mm lugs, these divers aren't small the slightest bit, nevertheless they fit so differently. At approximately 15.5mm thick, they may not be even overly slender, however that rounded bezel truly brings everything both appearance wise and physically.Whether about the flat vent DAL1BP rubber strap or even a 22mm NATO, this really is one comfortable watch. The lightweight titanium 6010 is certainly the harder comfortable choice, but even steel piece isn't overly weighty. And the tactile feel with the bezel? It's definitely various and takes a concerted, but solid effort to make use of.Inside, the Seiko Ashtray sits the well-known 7C46 quartz movement. The movement was purpose intended for tool replica watches and as such, posesses a high torque "stepper" that can help manage the body weight of larger hands often seen on such replica watches. The movement is sturdy, antimagnetic and can handle a wide range of temperatures. The batteries last Several years as well as the movements is usually completely divided, watches serviced and adjusted. Yes, I know this really is quartz (e-mail, this watch would look incredible as an automatic), though the proven fact that this movement remains in production and unchanged speaks to its relevance and reliability.The Seiko Ashtray was produced until roughly 1993 and then for a watch that lasted for 8 years, they are often hard to come by. The fashion was clearly a tad before its a pointer and perhaps it absolutely was in a very weird spot between 300M Tuna and 1000M Golden Tuna. Still, the replica watches do turn up every now and then and they are prized by Seiko collectors. Pricing wise, the replica watches can be obtained from roughly $700 on up based on condition, location, with an owner's general belief in regards to the in these relatively uncommon beasts. Caused by a not enough historic sales prices, my research established that prices are similar for either variant.Just to illustrate, the 6009 from 1988 which you see here (having a Spanish day wheel) came from a well-known collector in Italy. It cost roughly precisely the same - a tad bit more as a result of minty condition - since the all-titanium 6010 from 1989 (with a Japanese day wheel) that originated from Japan.For a lot of Seiko collectors, the Seiko Ashtray represents a little bit of a grail watch, specifically for those who love the 80's and 90's models with the brand. I had to spend a number of years to get and pull the trigger on these two for glad Used to. Mentionened above previously, they wear perfectly and check incredibly modern. And, although titanium is a lot more like "ho-hum-ium" for the majority of now, it is a sign of these replica watches that's endearing in my experience.